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The Best Nursery photographers in the UK 

Welcome to the ultimate preschool photography experience

High-quality photography           Unbeatable expressions                 Tailored for early year

At The Bright Side, we believe in positivity, hard work, and constantly reaching for excellence. You can see these qualities on our photoshoot day, on our customer care, and in our relationship with childcare providers.​
We believe we can save the world from old-fashioned, tired-looking and boring photography. We want to allow every parent to have pictures that perfectly reflect the personality of their kids.
We are committed to raising the bar, and have some fun while at it. 

How we work?

We use a QR code system to organize our photos efficiently. There is no admin for your Nursery and no proofs to handle. The parents can see their kid's photos in a few clicks on their phone or tablet.



"You have photographed so well. I was shocked at how good the pics were. My child has never looked so beautiful and charismatic. Thank you for bringing her personality to life through your lens. Many thanks"


We are here to help nurseries be the best they can be. That's why we offer complimentary Virtual Tours to all nurseries booking a photo day with us. Get in touch for more information.

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